Treatment for acute and chronic diseases


Basic treatment for illnesses like malaria, intestinal worms and infectious diarrhea are life saving, but are not accessible to many Ugandans, especially in rural Uganda. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis remain epidemics. The total expenditure on health per capita is $115 compared to $ 7410 in the United States. Many simply go without care, for example, less than 40% of rural women will have a trained attendant at the birth of their children with a corresponding maternal mortality rate of 430/100,000 live births. (Compare to 24% in the US and 260/100,000 globally).

Kabingo’s villagers had virtually no access to medical treatment prior to 2006 when Father Richard Kyankaaga built the St. Josephine Bakhita Dispensary. The dispensary is staffed by two nurses and a laboratory technician. They provide treatment to many patients, and are very skilled at diagnosing and treating malaria in children. The addition of a Medical Officer, program development for de-worming, treatment of children under five and outreach through Village Health Workers will expand the role of the dispensary in improving the health and well being of the villagers.

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