Tragic Facts


If you travel to Kabingo, Uganda today, you will find children dying from malaria, villagers drinking parasite infested water and suffering from lack of medical care, and students with little hope for a decent education. In Uganda, one of every 15 infants dies before his or her first birthday, fifteen out of 100 children will die by their fifth birthday and on average Ugandans will only live to celebrate their 52nd birthday. Statistics on education are equally dismal: 56 % of Ugandan children complete primary school and as few as 16% move on to attend secondary school.

Without mosquito nets, many die from malaria, especially, young children. Malaria and diarrhea are the main causes of death in children under five. Without clean drinking water, intestinal parasites cause malnutrition, severe diarrhea and death. Without medical care, treatable illnesses become debilitating and life threatening. Without education, the young are doomed to a life of poverty.

Another tragic fact is that these conditions still exist despite the fact they are all preventable or treatable. Malaria is prevented by insecticide treated mosquito nets; clean water provided by digging shallow wells; medical care supported by training local health care workers and education offered by sponsoring students and building new schools.

Hope for Kabingo has set up projects to address the villagers’ needs for clean water, mosquito nets, health care and education, and your support is needed to transform these tragic facts of the present into those of the past.