Malaria-Fatal yet preventable


Malaria is a disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes, and is the major cause of sickness and death in Uganda. Common symptoms of malaria include fever, shivering, sever joint pain, vomiting, anemia and convulsions. Malaria is preventable with insecticide-treated mosquito nets which cost about seven dollars, and are easily hung in the villagers’ homes. Yet, only 16 % of households own an insecticide treated mosquito net, and, sadly, only 10% of children under five sleep underneath one. Despite the availability of treatment, Malaria is a major cause of death, especially in children under five.

The Kabingo villagers have a limited supply of insecticide treated mosquito nets distributed by the government and the 2009 and 2010 mission teams, but more are desperately needed. With proper care, the nets last for about five years. Several villagers have been trained to be Village Health Workers who will be able to guide their family, friends and neighbors in the use of the nets.

Supply Mosquito Nets