Hope Through Medical Care


Prior to 2006 when St. Bakhita Dispensary was built, the villagers walked more than 15 miles for medical care. This meant that many illnesses went untreated. The Bakhita Dispensary houses six rudimentary hospital beds and is staffed by two nurses and a lab technician. Together they diagnose and treat various conditions, most often malaria. The lab tech performs blood smears to make the diagnosis and the nurse hangs the life-saving intravenous medications. Children stay overnight with their family members as caregivers. This same medication, when given in the United States, requires admission to an Intensive Care Unit.

The goals of the dispensary include: staffing with a medical officer (equivalent to a physician’s assistant), instituting a de-worming program, and integrating outreach with Village Health Workers. Village Health Workers are villagers trained to educate their neighbors on use of clean water, mosquito nets, and the critical importance of treating malaria in children. Your support of these life-saving services will expand the vital impact that St. Bakhita Dispensary has on the health of the villagers of Kabingo.

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