Everyone deserves clean water


884 million people in the world do NOT have access to clean drinking water. Only 60 % of Ugandans have access to clean water. The Kabingo villagers’ main water source is a muddy, parasite-infested pond. The health impact of drinking dirty water is enormous. Diarrhea is a leading cause of death around the world. In Uganda, 18% of deaths of children under five are from diarrhea. Chronic worm infections cause malnutrition, anemia, chronic debility and in some cases death.

Clean drinking water is the only solution. Shallow wells offer a relatively inexpensive, accessible and safe water source. To date, two wells have already been funded through Hope for Kabingo with another currently being dug. Overall, with over 2,500 villagers spread across the hillside many more wells are required. The wells will need to be maintained to assure their function over the long haul. The benefit to the villagers’ health, especially the young children, will improve with each new well.

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