A Fragile Existence

header_day_in_lifeLike generations before them, the villagers of Kabingo live off the land – growing their food, walking many kilometers for water each day, and tending to their chickens and goats. In the words of Maria, one of Hope for Kabingo’s Success Stories, “We would work from morning ‘til evening, that is from the garden to the well to the animals, and back to the garden in the evening…” Fruit trees provide mangoes, sweet bananas, paw paws, and avocados. Climate change is altering their growing seasons, leading to intermittent shortages of food and water.

Though their small mud brick homes do not have indoor plumbing or electricity, the villagers are gracious hosts and will offer a few eggs or a bowl of beans to visitors. Old but colorful calendars decorate the walls. They sit on woven mats which cover dirt floors. The women cook over outdoor open fires and wash laundry by hand in small basins. The men load old bicycles with bananas and push their harvest to the town of Kyotera, more than 24 kilometers away. Rudimentary outhouses are part of daily life. Yet their joyful smiles reveal that they are not poor in spirit. They have faith that God will provide.