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As people of faith, Hope For Kabingo exists to serve the villagers of Kabingo, Uganda and region.  We strive to support men, women and children of all ages in their quest for a better tomorrow. During our mission trips to Kabingo we have come to know the villagers and their hardships. Despite their extreme poverty, they continue to work and hope for good health and opportunities for education and employment. Not unlike us, they want a better life for themselves, and more importantly, their children. The grace, dignity and optimism with which they face their poverty inspired the creation of Hope for Kabingo. Each of Hope for Kabingo’s projects, from wells to nets to student sponsorships, aim to achieve sustainable improvements in the villagers’ lives. We find that aid distributed through trusted relationships and mutual commitment plants seeds of hope today that will grow a new tomorrow. The people of Kabingo will be grateful for even the smallest of efforts on your part for they will use them to make big differences in their lives.